High impact, intermediate-level, total body cardio HIIT workout by Boho Beautiful

Length: 11 min 3 sec

***Burpee alert***
***Mountain climber alert***

A HIIT-style cardio workout with unspecified interval lengths. There are 9 moves done over two rounds with no breaks in between.

Included Features

Warmup No Equipment needed Yoga mat (optional)


Space needed

Width of a yoga mat

Beginner Modifications


Apartment friendly?


Advanced Modifications


Shoes needed?



Sweat Level sweat dropx5 Fun Level happy facex1
Burn Level flamex4 Soreness Level ouchx4
Torture Level dying facex4 Ease of Following thumbs upx5

This workout is soooo hard! It has all of everyone’s least favorite moves, so if you are anything like me you will definitely feel like dying at the end of this workout.

The fact there are no timers and she doesn’t say how long we’re doing the moves for makes this workout even harder. You have no idea how long you’re going to be suffering through those burpees! It kind of sucks. Plus, there is a lot of plank work, which makes it a bit hard on the shoulders and wrists, so those with injuries may want to skip this one for a while.

Honestly, it’s not even a little but of a fun workout, but who came here expecting not to suffer?! As much as I love to hate it, it’s a fantastic workout that’s really effective, so you will definitely want to suck it up and try it. You might regret it, but you will also feel proud of yourself for trying!

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