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This site was started by your Average Joanna. After being asked twice in the span of two months if she was pregnant, she decided it was time to start working out, so she looked around online for the best free videos…and found an overwhelming number of options. For a beginner, finding the right video to start your fitness journey without the help of a professional is really hard. Even the most diligent of fitness aficionados, finding the right free workout video can be challenging!

That’s why our Average Joanna created this website.

Find Your Fitness is a place where anyone, from beginner to advanced, can find a free workout they like. Whether you want dance, yoga, HIIT, Pilates, or anything in between, whether you want to work your abs, arms, legs, or butt, hopefully we’ll have what you’re looking for, and can help you find it.

We’ll not only have a database of workouts of all shapes, lengths, focuses, intensities, and styles, but your Average Joanna, who’s of average fitness–she still gets winded after running for a minute–will give her honest opinion about each video.

In each review you’ll also find detailed information about each free video to help you figure out if it’s the one you’re looking for before you even watch it. With any luck, tags and categories will help you find the perfect workout.

Unfortunately, due to costs, the search function is quite limited at the moment. We’re working to update it, but it may take some time. Your patience is appreciated!

We’re always open to suggestions and feedback, and recommendations for YouTube channels and free workout videos are absolutely welcome. Your Average Joanna tries to work out every day, so she’ll get to your recommendations eventually! Hit the “Contact” tab above and shoot us a message.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy fitness!


–We do not own any of the videos or screenshots posted on this site. All screen shots and videos are property of their respected creators and links will be posted whenever possible. YouTubers, please contact us if you feel your material has been misused in anyway and we will comply to the best of our ability.

–We are not physicians or physical trainers, and we do not recommend starting any workout routine without consulting your physician first. Find Your Fitness does not take responsibility for injuries incurred while following one of the videos reviewed on this site.

–Please listen to your body and exercise according to your abilities. We are not experts, but we are ordinary people trying these videos and giving our thoughts on them. We do not and cannot provide specific recommendations for individuals, and advise individuals to work out for their own abilities and fitness level.

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