Toning, low-impact, beginner-level, ab-focused Pilates workout by Blogilates

Length: 11 min 4 sec

Day 10 of the 100 Ab Challenge, in which you do 100 sit-ups in a row.

Included Features

Warmup No Equipment needed

Yoga mat (optional), heavy dumbbell or something to hold your feet down



Space needed

Width of a yoga mat

Beginner Modifications


Apartment friendly?


Advanced Modifications


Shoes needed?



Sweat Level sweat dropx2 Fun Level happy facex2
Burn Level flamex4 Soreness Level ouchx0
Torture Level dying facex4 Ease of Following thumbs upx5

I was expecting Day 10 to be one of the worst days, but it actually wasn’t so bad for me! Sit-ups aren’t the most torturous exercise you can do, as long as you have someone or something to hold down your feet so you don’t use your hip flexors.

Actually, I might have even done more than 100 because they stopped a lot in the video without me realizing. Cassey and Rosanna are super goofy in this video! If you’re a serious exerciser you might get annoyed, but I thought it was funny, and anyway I was grateful for the breaks.

Since sit-ups are a basic move, I think anyone can try this workout, so I rated it beginner friendly. But 100 reps is a ton, and it takes a loooong time (10 minutes in this video!!) so it’s not an easy workout. Pace yourself, but push yourself!

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