Toning, low impact, beginner-level, oblique-focused cardio belly dance workout by Leilah Isaac

Length: 2 min 15 sec

A belly dance workout that focuses on moves that work the obliques.

Included Features

Warmup No Equipment needed Belly dance hip scarves (optional)


Space needed


Beginner Modifications


Apartment friendly?


Advanced Modifications


Shoes needed?



Sweat Level sweat dropx1 Fun Level happy facex4
Burn Level flamex3 Soreness Level ouchx2
Torture Level dying facex2 Ease of Following thumbs upx5

Wow! This is only 2 minutes long, but man does it work those obliques! There’s just a couple of different moves in this routine, but you’re basically shaking your hips nonstop for 2 minutes straight. It burns!!

It is short, so it goes by fast and stops just before you really feel like you can’t go on anymore.  If you’re a beast, you can do it several times over and absolutely kill those obliques. But 2 minutes is just enough to really get a good burn in!

On top of that, this video is super fun. Leilah does a great job of explaining the moves, so it’s super easy to follow and super easy to do, which lets this video double as a mini-tutorial, too. You will enjoy feeling those obliques work while you’re shaking that booty!

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