High-impact, beginner-to-advanced level, total body cardio HIIT workout by SELF

Length: 10 min 11 sec

***Burpee alert***
***Mountain Climber alert***

A video with two workouts in one. Both are HIIT routines with two rounds of the same 3 moves, which are done back-to-back for 30 seconds each. There is a 60 second break in between rounds. The second workout has 3 different moves.

Included Features

Warmup No Equipment needed

Yoga mat



Space needed

Width of a yoga mat

Beginner Modifications


Apartment friendly?


Advanced Modifications


Shoes needed?



Sweat Level sweat dropx4 Fun Level happy facex2
Burn Level flamex3 Soreness Level ouchx3
Torture Level dying facex4 Ease of Following thumbs upx5

These two workouts are fantastic cardio bursts! The first round is way harder than the second, so the order of this video is a little off, I think. Though the second round would be a great warm-up, ending your workout with this video might be a good idea, since you can slow down just a little before cooling down.

These workouts are definitely not easy, but the moves are absolutely beginner friendly. They’re common moves you’ll see in any HIIT workout, like jump squats and jumping jacks, so beginners shouldn’t have too much trouble following along. Besides, there are tons of modifications for all levels, and there are low-impact modifications, so this workout is great for everyone.

Trust me, you will feel it! I was super sore in my calves after this workout, so make sure you stretch afterwards!

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