A beginner-level, total body yoga workout by Boho Beautiful

Length: 9 min 37 sec

A dynamic yoga stretch for waking up the body.

Included Features

Warm-up n/a Equipment needed

Yoga mat (optional)



Space needed

Width of a yoga mat

Beginner Modifications


Apartment friendly?


Advanced Modifications


Shoes needed?



Sweat Level sweat dropx0 Relaxing Level happy facex3
Stretch Level flamex3 Flexibility Required ouchx2
Challenge Level ouchx1 Ease of following thumbs upx5

This is a lovely yoga routine! It’s short, but it does a great job of warming up the muscles and waking up the body. It’s slightly dynamic, so it’s nice for getting the blood circulating when you feel stiff, but it also works as a decent cool-down, especially for the lower body.

This stretch does feels amazing on the whole body, however. The side stretches are especially lovely! The video is also very soothing; with its gentle music and Juliana’s melodic narration, it just feels all-around wonderful to do.

Plus, it’s super easy, and super beginner friendly, so I highly recommend this gentle, yet invigorating, total body yoga workout for any level!

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