Beginner’s, toning, low impact, lower body-focused Pilates workout by Boho Beautiful

Length: 14 min 11 sec

A legs and butt-focused Pilates workout that also hits the core. All moves are done on the mat.

Included Features

Warmup checkmark (limited) Equipment needed Yoga mat (optional)


Space needed

Width of a yoga mat

Beginner Modifications


Apartment friendly?


Advanced Modifications


Shoes needed?



Sweat Level sweat dropx1 Fun Level happy facex3
Burn Level flamex4 Soreness Level ouchx2
Torture Level dying facex4 Ease of Following thumbs upx5

This is a pretty brutal lower body workout! Your buns and thighs will be burning. Luckily the reps are low, so you won’t feel like dying halfway through. Well, maybe you will a little.

This workout does include a short warm-up, but I recommend a little bit more before you do it. I didn’t do anything before starting this video, and I felt it! Make sure you stretch, too, or your booty will be complaining tomorrow.

Juliana does a fantastic job of explaining the form of each of the moves, and they aren’t hard at all, except for the sideways leg lifts, so this workout is absolutely beginner friendly.

Unlike some of Boho Beautiful’s other workouts, however, this one doesn’t have stretches sprinkled in between the toning moves, so it’s not quite as gentle. On the other hand, you might feel soothed by the gorgeous scenery of the Maldives! Just look at the sparkling water and ignore how much your butt is burning!

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